Gentling the Cowboy by Ruth Cardello



Broken beyond repair, barely living, merely existing; that’s how Tony Carlton and Sara Dery lived their lives prior to finding one another.  This story begins when Sara makes her way to Texas to stay on a friend’s ranch for the summer.  When she arrived on the ranch, no one was around.   She decided to make herself at home, especially since this would be her home for the next month or two, and takes a shower.  Turns out she was at the wrong ranch, in the wrong house, showering in the wrong shower.  Tony is a gruff, detached man who doesn’t really care to know anyone.  Sara works a job she doesn’t love, and she hasn’t written in an extended amount of time; turns out, she lacked inspiration.  The second she lands on Double C Ranch, her next romance novel begins to unfold.

Read “Gentling the Cowboy” to discover the story that unfolds when two lost souls find one another.  Ruthie did amazing job conveying an entertaining, but super-hot story!  I couldn’t stop laughing at times. Great job on another great read, Ruthie!


Gentling the Cowboy is Book One of the Texan Nights Series

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About Author, Ruth Cardello


I live on a small farm in Northern Rhode Island with my husband, three children, three dogs and two horses.

If there is a happier place on Earth, I haven’t found it.

  1. Absolutely loved this book. Can’t wait for the next installment with these wonderful cast of characters.

  2. omg i so loved this book, i will never look at trees the same again lol

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