Surrender to Fate by Jacelyn Rye



William and Sarah were best friends growing up in the mountains of Colorado.  As they grew up, they realized there was a lot more than friendship between them, it was more like love.  Forever seemed like a guarantee, a no brainer; everyone wants to spend the rest of their life with their best friend.  Like all things in life, unexpected circumstances completely derailed their plans.

Sarah and her family packed up and moved from Colorado to California.  Thousands of miles separated Sarah and Will, but they still promised each other forever.  What happens when temptation causes the mind to stray?  Is their love enough to overshadow the distance?

Margaret is more than happy to take Will’s mind off of Sarah.  Enough said.. Trust me, you won’t like Margaret or her conniving father.  Sarah finds company with Adley.  Although Will and Sarah both have companions to help pass the time, neither can seem to completely let go.

I’m going to be 100% honest-  At first, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this book or not with it being set in the 1940’s, but I was hooked within a few chapters.  I was captivated with the relationship that developed between Will and Sarah.  They were so young, but so sure of the love they shared.  When Sarah and her family moved to California, my heart broke.  Distance was an issue for Sarah and Will.   There was no cell phone, no internet or cheap flight to easily keep them in contact with one another.

When Sarah and Adley started to develop feelings for one another, I was excited but torn.  I had mixed emotions because I felt like I was betraying Will.  Actually, to be quite honest, I was mad at Will because of the relationship he was developing with Margaret.  Couldn’t he see what a deceptive person she was?  If he couldn’t be with Sarah, he deserved much better than Margaret.  I loved the style of writing the author utilized. Alternating points of view made me feel like I got to know each of the characters a little better.

The end of this book was a complete emotional roller coaster.  The emotion that Jacelyn Rye was able to evoke is unreal.  I seriously think I cried through the last half of the book.  There are so many twists and turns you don’t see coming.  Each characters fate is up in the air.  I am torn because I love Will and Adley, how can I choose?  How can Sarah choose?  I’m ready for the next installment of the Fate’s Path series.  I need to know where these characters will end up and who they’ll end up with.    Loved this read!



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